Welcome to the LASGP Website!

What is LASGP?

The Lothian Association of Sessional GPs (LASGP) is a non profit-making group open to all Sessional GPs* working, or planning to work, in Lothian. The group’s aims are:

  • to reduce Sessional GPs' professional isolation
  • to share work experience and opportunities
  • to meet at least monthly for continuing education and to campaign for improved and supported further education
  • to maintain and improve liaison with the various Trusts, local medical groups and other groups of Sessional GPs

If you have questions, comments, or requests, you can contact the relevant LASGP Committee Member via the contact page.

*(Salaried GPs, GP Locums, Retainers, Assistants and Associates)

Sessional GPs can join us via subscription, to see currently available sessional and long term vacancies, attend our education meetings, and be part of our support community.

Please use the buttons on the right to thoroughly read the instructions for joining the group - register with the website and contact the Membership Secretary.

Practices can join for free, to advertise available posts to our >200 members.